Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's a long time...

Yea, like the title, it's a long time I never update my blog already! I feel like nearly forget about here is the blog of mine. Too bad.
There's some lousy reason for me to not update for so long time. I have no idea of what to update. =( But suddenly I got too much in my heart now and I don't think FB is a right place to update. People might think of why am I so emo? Maybe. So, at this moment my mind blink out, that's the purpose of blog exist! =)
Just don't get why, I always can't really myself into relationship. Confusing of what is the problems that existing? I was like, always stepped through the nails! Is this the thing that god want me to go through and experience so that I will be doing more better and more appreciate to my valentine in future? I really hope i got one. Trying hard now. Guan li ma please bless that I will be success soon.
Besides, laziness and planless kill me. In everythings! Always. How can I gone though this??

Monday, April 5, 2010


I guess it's the time for a new post? Recently I'm quite lack of ideas on what to post. That's why I didn't post for quite long time. And somebody may think that my post are just too bored to watch cause of I just post business and car stuff. but it's not real. You should read into and get something that you don't know. Honestly I'm very interest in car and bike stuff but I'm not surfing or using my time for them long time already. It's like wasting of time when we use our time for the things that can't letting us gain something and it give only very less good effect to us.So I'm not so craze on them by using my time for them like last time I did.

I didn't even know what should I write on the title, because I have no topic, funny huh. I'd think that I should blog more, that maybe is the way that can make my weak language being improve. I always wanna improve but I just can't, what's the solution? Maybe I should make some changes too.

I just back from Kuantan yesterday, it's the hometown of one of my friend. Just to find out what's Kuantan look like. I never being there. But it's a not bad journey. I always got lots of interest to visit the places that I never visit. I got mindset that I would like to find out all the things that I don't know. I like to know more, I like to be more capable, and I like to be intelligence. But I never be! I eat a lots expensive food at Kuantan. Between the journey, that few days I ate a lots in restaurant and also fast food. It's worth that i found out some nice western food and I know more about the western food.

Recently feel myself like so useless. Always being blur. So many stuff that're delaying so long, many stuff waiting for me to complete.

'Friends', it's a word. It's indescribable, can't touch it. But we just always listen to people calling it only! Maybe that we can feel it. But for the more discovery, we gotta find it out. That's the thing. Time or activities will give us the new updates new answers.

Going back to the april fool. I found out something that I never know on the day. Since I was born, I never feel that it's an important day. Because of we just past it through like a normal day. April fool maybe a nice day for a couple if you got fool from your partner. Something that you thought aren't the real. It's the process that make couple smile or laugh. Relationship will be improving too. That's what I feel when after I saw some sharing of real stories from google. It's nice. And I get fool on that day too. xP

Next Sunday will be my birthday xD! No celebration no presents? I'd need something specials! I need something that never happen before. I need what I need. I know that.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Gan's Auto: Gemballa Enzo MIG-U1

Sorry for long time also never have a new post. Recently it's quite busy and doing much thing. Not much that I can blog about. Last week I saw a cars that're really caught my attention from magazines, they're Gemballa Enzo MIG=UI.
All the photos are for Gemballa! Only 399 Ferrari Enzo were made last time, some crashed and some dragging down making the numbers of Enzo being lower down. Some guys think that there should be a brand-new model coming out again. Mustafa and Iiyas Galadari of Dubai commissioned German Porsche tuner Gemballa to create a very limited edition Enzo called MIG-UI.
Gemballa Enzo MIG-UI come with white matte color and the ori color of carbon for the small parts. It's only 25units in the world on the coming days. From the photos we know that we're hard to find for the parts that haven't been touch of modification! The front is being broader for 80mm and 100mm for the rear. The new front spoiler lip generating additional downforce of 35kg, rear spoiler wing custom-made for this Gemballa generating another additional 85kg downforce for the rear wheels. Gemballa Enzo using Gemballa custom GTR light wheel rims.
Beside, the spoiler flaps lower when the speed reaches 120km/h. There is more about, the air duct system providing cooling air to the passenger cabin, the brakes and engine. By pushing a button or reaching 80km/h the Enzo will lowers down itself to its ori level. Front rims,10X19inch with 265/35 michelin tyres and rear rims, 13X20 inch with 335/30 size of tyres. The horsepower for this monster can go up to 700HP.
Can they find the 25 owners for the new Enzo? =)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New discover

I just think that quite some moment i never blog already, just feel to write it now.
Maybe some of the ppls said that my blog just look serious n more to business. mayb its true? but that's the way i blog before this. this post i will blog something different, just to express what is in my mind now.

I was wondering that who will view my blog? mayb jz one or few fellows? but fine, it's not the point. recently i jz discover of many things. I'd believe that once u try it, u do what u wanna do, u tell what u wanna tell, u will never regret in your whole life even u cnt achieve the target. the point is u try! This is what i really experienced.

Change to talk about my job. I'm active back after dozens of events n i think it's a little too late too. I shuld never do some stuff of wasting my time like this, shuld focus back to my job more earlier. besides i still hav 2more days to go, the date line is on 15th december. Can I achieve my target? its depends on how m i going to make the changes. I hope i will. Besides this i also wondering for quite some time, m i capable enough? sometimes im capable to handle clients very well but sometimes i mayb made some mistakes. but yet i still don't have enough of confident to handle elder clients. I m lacking of something! I was thinking that with my ability now, what I've done, I maybe hav the ability to handle it already but i still nt brave enough to handle them. I shuld do it, something that i never do i will do it in the future year!

I just hoping that i wil success in a day.This is my aim, and I'm on my way now. My ambition is to be a successful and capable person. I wanna be a professional financial planner. I wanna success in my life,my job,my family and last wealth.

I admit that im the person that will abit ego when i got something. but this make me always wan to be someone that're extraordinary. no matter what i do, i also wan to b the clever one, in short, is the TOP.
and i will only do what i wan to do.I just like to be myself!

lastly, m i weird? nt good enough? what's my bad? what's the problems with me? what what what?!!!!!(THIS IS TO YOU(her) I HOPE U WILL SEE MY BLOG)U KNOW I MEAN U WHEN U SAW THIS. mayb it's nt the right timing,it's too late,but fine, who knows when is the right timing?i jz wan u to noe more abt me,bt i dn care..b4 this i jz waiting n thinking that when is the right timing,i will never noe n i jz waiting for the time to pass.i learnt some lessons.That time waiting is because scare of the opportunity cost will go.. i would lik to hav sufficient chat with u, because i think that we're mature person, we should manage to manage thngs in different way with the teenagers.Our act will just do like mature one. Chat mean chat, hope u realy understand the definition of that word, that's the meaning i wan to express. bt now is nt the time yet, im too busy of job n others.thats y i postpone for once or 2 weeks.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gan's Finance : What's Amanah Saham 1Malaysia fund?

Amanah Saham 1(satu)Malaysia fund is the biggest fund that issued by Permodalan Nasional Bhd.(PNB). It is 10 billion. It launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak on July 31. The available of the fund for sales from 5Aug - 3 Sep.

For people that are in the age of between 18-55, the maximum buy in is 50,ooo units(RM1 each). For the aged peoples, more than 55 years old, maximum holding of the fund is 100,000 units(RM1 each). The maximum will be void after the offer period.

The allocation of the fund is 50% for bumiputera, 30% chinese, 15% indian and 5% for the other minority of the groups.

It highlighted that the fund is a fixed price equity fund priced at RM1 per unit.

By the way, we will keep in view in the future about how is the return.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Gan's Business: Tune talk

Actually last week when I'm still on the exam period, I got the idea to write about Tune talk. I saw an advertisement on sinchew, Tune + talk? the sign of Tune talk is a simcard written "Tune talk". yes, I get it in a second, it is a new prepaid competitor. But fine, it is just a small advertisement. It seem like Tune group din't plan to expand it's advertisement yet, may be they waiting their service on the Tune talk become more completely then the time is more suit to advertise.

CEO of Tune talk sdn. bhd., Jason Lo.

This week I saw the second advertisement on the newspaper again. The advertisement is really not huge, not plan to do much on this period yet, it is just like 'pop out' sometimes, let people know that now have the new thing come out already. Besides, I know they already expand their advertisement more frequent on the radio. Yea they started from there, and this few days they own their article stand on small part of the newspaper page(malay newspaper).

May be much of you guys don't know what is behind this co. right? Fine, I can let u all know now. Tune group is a children co. of Air Asia. sure u all know about Air Asia, but u all don't know about Tune. lols. Recently the business of Tune is Tune hotel. I think got 2 branches only, one is located at Penang island, around GeorgeTown. Another one is in KL, around Chow Kit road there. For info, the Tune Hotel got their partnership with CIMB banking. Because of their themes is the same, red and white, like Air Asia too. So, the plain wall beside Tune hotel can be use for advertising board for CIMB. It is part of the business of Tune. Tune Hotel concept is low fares, but their design for every room are different, quite special on this, u may check on its website if u wanna know more about it.

Next, I want back to the main, it is Tune Talk. Tune group built their new industry, they become one of the competitor between prepaid line. They gonna beat against Celcom, Digi, Maxis etc. Tune got its ability, they got their mothercompany behind it. But we will see how they make it on the future, success or not?
Tune talk introduce flat rate, it is common now. They are not the initial co. to do it. For phone call flat 22/sen, sms is 5 sen. This is nothing special. But, they add some additional benefit for the user, they give u RM100,000 sum assured PA insurance(accidental insurance) and accessible to choose ur own number(they can provide this because they are still new, all numbers are free to sale). TUne talk got its partnership with Air Asia, Etiqa and 99speedmart. Air Asia provide some voucher prize to them, Etiqa provide the PA insurance(the cost of PA insurance is very low only, it cost RM100+- per year only, don't misunderstand it with the life insurance, basic life insurance only may cost u monthly min about RM60 to unlimited according to the sum assured) and the speedmart I think is provide selling top up card of Tune. This is the Business relationship.

Tune talk fix it cellular service as 010.

Last but not least, Tune got their business relationship with celcom too. Celcom own some share of Tune talk.